User Guide

This guide covers all the features of the library. They're presented regrouped by areas.

You can access a short description of the feature area and usage samples clicking on the left column in the table below, or in the menu. Clicking on the class name you can access directly the javadoc associated.


Feature Byte oriented I/O Character Oriented I/O
From OutputStream to InputStream InputStreamFromOutputStream, OutputStreamToInputStream ReaderFromWriter, WriterToReader
Connection and multiplexing TeeInputStreamOutputStream, TeeOutputStream TeeReaderWriter , TeeWriter
Read a stream multiple times
(smart caching memory/disk)
(bytes read, bit rate)
StatsInputStream , StatsOutputStream
Performance improvements* (dubious) ReadAheadInputStream
Truncate a stream after a number of bytes/chars has been read/written SizeLimitInputStream (deprecated) SizeLimitReader

The following classes are suitable for troubleshooting, for logging or debugging purposes.

Feature Byte oriented I/O Character Oriented I/O
Debugging (close called? exception? where is the constructor?) DiagnosticInputStream
Fix issues with multiple invocation of close() method CloseOnceInputStream, CloseOnceOutputStream CloseOnceReader, CloseShieldReader, CloseOnceWriter, CloseShieldWriter
Generate a large amount of data BigDocumentInputStream
Dump the data written to a stream to a string (up to a user defined number of bytes/chars). OutputStreamDumper WriterDumper