EasyStream is a set of utilities, written in java, to ease the task to use streams.


You can use this library for :

  • 'Convert' an OutputStream into an InputStream and Writer into a Reader.
  • Gather some statistics on your streams: bit rate, total number of bytes read/written.
  • Stream buffering: InputStream are read once classes. Here is a stream wrapper that allows you to rewind the Inputstream.
  • Stream wiring: While reading the data from an InputStream "tee" (copy) it to supplied OutputStream(s) or write data to multiple OutputStream(s) at the same time.

EasyStream is a natural extension of Apache commons-io , providing advanced solutions to some common but not trivial problem. Focus is on performance and low memory footprint.

What's next?

Have a 5 minutes tour of the features:

  • Read the introduction on how to 'convert' an OutputStream into an InputStream .
  • Have a quick look at the user guide , to have an overview of all the functions.
  • Learn how to add the library to your project.
  • Post your doubts on the users forum . We will be glad to help you, and to answer your questions! The forum is moderated, and it has very few messages per year. (Please don't contact project administrators on private email, your doubts might be useful to other users.)
  • Tell us your ideas. We're ready to implement them!
  • Show us your appreciation! Like us on Google+, write a positive review on SourceForge , give us feedbacks.