WazFormat is a format identification software that works with streams. It allows users to tell which type is the content of the stream without consuming it.

It integrates a native format identification engine with Droid (a format identification library sponsored by the UK National Archives ) and in future will integrate mime-utils and apache tika.


You can use this library for :

  • Identifies more than 60 file formats.
  • Can do nested detection: it can detect what is inside a bzip2 stream or a PKCS#7 document.
  • Result of identification is an Enum. Most of identification libraries return a string that must be further parsed by the calling software.
  • If enabled can unwrap some of the detected formats: can "extract" a document from a PKCS#7 envelope or automatically "gunzip" a stream.

Due to a wrong choice of the inner detection library (Droid) WazFormat has some serious performance issue. Though it is currently used in production in many projects, users should try to limit the number of formats detected. Have a look at the examples section of the documentation on how to do this.

What's next?

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