EasyStream Release Notes

Release History

Version Date Description
1.3.0 2016-01-01 Improved statistics.
1.2.15 2015-05-31 Moving site to SF
1.2.14 2014-03-03 Thread hang bugfix.
1.2.13 2011-04-30  
1.2.12 2011-03-05  
1.2.8 2010-09-20 StatsInputStream improvements
1.2.7 2010-09-07  
1.2.6 2009-11-15  

Release 1.3.0 – 2016-01-01

Type Changes By
Fix Synchronized maps in StatsInputStream,StatsReader Fixes 40. gcontini
Add added method StatsInputStream#getElapsedTime() gcontini
Add added method StatsReaderStream#getElapsedTime() gcontini
Add review of the StatsReader api (adding missing functions) gcontini
Remove Removed StatsInputStream and StatsReader deprecated api gcontini
Add Moved StatsReader to reader package, StatsInputStream to is package, created debug package gcontini
Add RandomDataInputStream and RandomCharReader gcontini

Release 1.2.15 – 2015-05-31

Type Changes By
Site moved to Sourceforge. gcontini
Site improvements. Fixes 27. gcontini
Fix InputStreamFromOutputStream#read(byte[] b) does not trigger producing. Fixes 37. gcontini
Fix Method getResult() invokes close() automatically instead of launching IllegalStateException (Java 7 'try with resources' improvement). Fixes 39. gcontini
Add add class: SizeLimitReader. gcontini
deprecated class: SizeLimitInputStream because already included in commons-io as BoundedInputStream. gcontini

Release 1.2.14 – 2014-03-03

Type Changes By
Fix InputStreamFromOutputStream hangs. Fixes 36. gcontini

Release 1.2.13 – 2011-04-30

No changes in this release.

Release 1.2.12 – 2011-03-05

No changes in this release.

Release 1.2.8 – 2010-09-20

Type Changes By
Add StatsInputStream: added average instance statistics "getTotalXXX" methods. gcontini
Add StatsInputStream: added chain mode to test performances of an InputStream in a chain. gcontini

Release 1.2.7 – 2010-09-07

Type Changes By
Add StatsInputStream: added average bytes per read(). gcontini

Release 1.2.6 – 2009-11-15

Type Changes By
Add ReadAheadInputStream: InputStream for reading from a slow source. gcontini
Add CloseOnceInputStream: An InputStream wrapper that passes the calls to the close() method only once to the underlying InputStream. gcontini