• Java 1.6 or higher (better if OpenJDK)
  • Maven 3.0 or higher
  • Grapviz installed (Maven uses it to build JavaDocs). On recent Debian based systems grapviz is available as a package sudo apt-get install graphviz

Developer's environment:

This environment is the environment that is used to develop and test the project:

Ubuntu 14.04 lts, OpenJDK 7, Maven 3.2.5

Checkout and build

Due to the dependencies between the projects it isn't possible to build each module separately. You should checkout the whole project and build it. It won't take long time.

This is the single command line required for Linux users.

svn checkout io-tools && cd io-tools && mvn clean install -T2

If you want to skip the tests add the following options to the maven command line -DskipTests